Ray Chepesiuk, Commissioner, PAAB

Speaking on:
 Complaints and compliance.​
Favourite thing about the workshop: Watching the PAAB staff deliver great training.
Patrick Massad, Deputy Commissioner, PAAB

Speaking on: 
Real world evidence and leading advanced working session.
Favourite thing about the workshop: I'd like to say the great content and chance to hear from our customers, but in reality it's getting to watch our moderator, Jon Gwillim, he's great.
Jennifer Carroll, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on: Digital and multi-channel marketing.
Favourite thing about the workshop: The attendees, it's really nice getting to speak 1:1 in the breaks and hear different ways we can help.
Karen Rizwan, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on: Application of evidence to your submissions.
Dannie Newman, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on:
 Fair balance and digital marketing fundamentals.
Favourite thing about the workshop: Each year it provides a good opportunity for us to share the latest updates and education, but also learn. The workshop is a really good milestone for PAAB in this regard.
Malika Ladha, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on: Communicating compliantly to patients.
Favourite thing about the workshop: At risk of copying Jen, hearing directly from customers and helping them work through challenges face-to-face.
John Greiss, Reviewer, PAAB

​Speaking on: The role of complaints in
supporting compliance.
Keynote: Alain MusendeManager, Regulatory Advertising Section at Marketed Health Products Directorate,
​Health Canada

Speaking on: 2017-18 Health Canada complaints and policy updates.
Favourite thing about  PAAB workshops: Aside from Patrick's jokes, it's of great value to share our updates with a large audience.

Speaking on: Evidence
Lama Abi Khaled,   Executive Director, Ethics, Legal and Regulatory Innovative Medicines Canada

Speaking On:  The role of complaints in supporting compliance.
Dan Leger, Senior Director, CNS Business Unit, Lundbeck

Speaking on:  The role of complaints in supporting compliance.
Dr John Reeves, Chief Medical Officer, conversationHEALTH

Speaking On:  Making the most of automation and AI.
Lexi Kaplin,  Chief Product officer, conversationHEALTH

Speaking On:  Making the most of automation and AI.
Calvin Hwang, Founder & Executive Producer, SUPRE Incorporated, (previously Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Janssen)

Speaking On:  Using social media for timely and effective communication.
Suvina Amin,  Medical Evidence Lead, AstraZeneca

Speaking On:  Defining and applying Real World Evidence.
Rosy Sasso, Ethics, Compliance and Privacy Consultant.

Speaking On: Representing Innovative
Medicines Canada
Laurie Johns, Submissions Coordinator, PAAB

Speaking On: Submission process
and best practice.