Ray Chepesiuk, Commissioner, PAAB

Speaking on:
 Complaints and compliance.​
Favourite thing about the workshop: Watching the PAAB staff deliver great training.
Patrick Massad, Deputy Commissioner, PAAB

Speaking on: 
Real world evidence and leading advanced working session.
Favourite thing about the workshop: The great content and chance to hear from our customers.
Jennifer Carroll, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on: Digital and multi-channel marketing.
Favourite thing about the workshop: The attendees, it's really nice getting to speak 1:1 in the breaks and hear different ways we can help.
Karen Rizwan, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on: Application of evidence to your submissions.
Dannie Newman, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on:
 Fair balance and digital marketing fundamentals.
Favourite thing about the workshop: Each year it provides a good opportunity for us to share the latest updates and education, but also learn. The workshop is a really good milestone for PAAB in this regard.
Malika Ladha, Reviewer, PAAB

Speaking on: Communicating compliantly to patients.
Favourite thing about the workshop: At risk of copying Jen, hearing directly from customers and helping them work through challenges face-to-face.
John Greiss, Reviewer, PAAB

​Speaking on: The role of complaints in
supporting compliance.
Keynote: Alain MusendeManager, Regulatory Advertising Section at Marketed Health Products Directorate,
​Health Canada

Speaking on:  
Transparency and Advertising Regulatory Surveillance

Favourite thing about  PAAB workshops: Aside from Patrick's jokes, it's of great value to share our updates with a large audience.

Speaking on: Evidence
Lama Abi Khaled,   Executive Director, Ethics, Legal and Regulatory Innovative Medicines Canada

Speaking On:  The role of complaints in supporting compliance.
Dan Leger, Senior Director, CNS Business Unit, Lundbeck

Speaking on:  The role of complaints in supporting compliance.
Dr John Reeves, Chief Medical Officer, conversationHEALTH

Speaking On:  The application of messaging, chat bots and AI to healthcare.
Lexi Kaplin,  Chief Product officer, conversationHEALTH

Speaking On:  The application of messaging, chat bots, and AI to healthcare.
Calvin Hwang, Founder & Executive Producer, SUPRE Incorporated, (previously Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Janssen)

Speaking On:  Using social media for timely and effective communication.
Suvina Amin,  Medical Evidence Lead, AstraZeneca

Speaking On:  Defining and applying Real World Evidence.
Rosy Sasso, Ethics, Compliance and Privacy Consultant.

Speaking On: Representing Innovative
Medicines Canada
Laurie Johns, Submissions Coordinator, PAAB

Speaking On: Submission process
and best practice.